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PowerDot©️ is the world's smartest
muscle recovery & performance tool.
What's new?
PowerDot 2.0 features
Magnetic latches
New wave form
more powerfull impulses, minimized discomfort while using the device
Faster and more stable smartphone connection
Updated App
10 main programms, 7 - Welness, 17 - Focus on

Wireless, clinically proven and lightweight. Whether you need to improve muscle activation or want to massage away tension, PowerDot helps every body feel better faster. With just a tap to your screen, muscle strength, recovery and wellness is at your finger tips.
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Build strength, increase power and improve endurance by training your muscles to perform better. From warming up safely to building strength and endurance, PowerDot performance programs keep your muscles firing. Accessible at any time with the PowerDot app, each workout is specifically designed to allow your muscles to realize their full potential.
Reduce soreness and flush away lactic acid with the same technology physical therapists and athletes have used for decades. Recovery is essential to any workout program, but deactivating on rest day isn't the solution. Instead, reactivate with PowerDot to recover faster. That's because the more you move, the better you feel. PowerDot keeps you moving by gently contracting your muscles.
Feel better any time you want, everywhere you go, without everyday tightness slowing you down. Don't let tightness and soreness slow you down. Getting your muscles moving and blood flowing with EMS helps your body to start to rebalance and reduce discomfort, tightness, stiffness and weakness. Target the areas you want to help and start on the path to feeling better faster with customizable wellness programs on the PowerDot app.

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